Wednesday, December 6, 2017, from 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM - Newton Marriott, 2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton


You and or a member of your HR team are invited to join The Wagner Law Group and 360 Corporate Benefit Advisors for a live seminar addressing two important topics.


-        The latest developments in Massachusetts & Federal Employment Law – David Gabor, Mellissa McNamee and Virginia Peabody of The Wagner Law Group

-        Medical Procedure Cost Transparency Tool by 360 Corporate Benefit Advisors

o   Allows employees/dependents to shop for the lowest cost option, without sacrificing quality, for over 9,000 plan specific medical procedures. This tool is significantly larger than any other carriers’ price comparison tool which typically provides cost transparency on only 100 procedures. 

o   The tool drives and encourages employee consumerism and drives huge savings back to both the insured and employer

o   Employer dashboard allows employers to see real-time utilization, where claims are incurred and opportunities to save through claims redirection. The dashboard allows for “intelligent” plan design changes that best reward responsible consumerism.  This tool saves employers with High Deductible Plans (HSA or HRA) between ten and twenty percent annually.


David Gabor, Melissa McNamee and Virginia Peabody from the Wagner Law Group will address the latest developments in Massachusetts law, federal employment law and immigration law affecting I-9 forms.  There have been many changes in the rules and regulations governing the employer-employee relationship at the federal and state level.  Melissa and David will review the changes in the law and then lead an interactive discussion of how to incorporate changes so that organizations can remain compliant while also determining best practices.  This is a critical time for companies to get ahead of the new laws, rules and mandates. 


Attendees of this seminar will gain a clear understanding of the new laws and how they impact employers.  Massachusetts and the federal government offer carrots to employers who take steps to review their practices and make adjustments, as needed.  Among the benefits offered to attendees is an understanding of what organizations need to do to remain compliant and to also be in a position to demonstrate the steps that the organization has taken to comply.


In addition, many employers are concerned that the cost of healthcare is spiraling out of control.  We will also review specific solutions and ways to engage your employees and drive down the cost of health care.


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Space is limited, please reserve early!